As documentaries go it's very entertaining if not a bit too long. The clips of Holmes's movies aren't too graphic, and are more comical than erotic. I felt both sad for Holmes and angry at him, which I think was the point to this film. He wasn't really a good person but in many different ways he brought joy to a lot of people. The most shocking image in the film, is the footage of the crime scene, of which Holmes is taken to trial over.

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John c holmes dick

He had sexual intercourse with more than ten thousand women, mostly in the movies. But hoolmes at those pictures, it's no wonder he defined himself so closely with his penis. Here are links to a few John Holmes movies: Sam Sloan. What motivated 10, women to appear in a John Holmes movie? Los Angeles had virtually dried up and times were desperate for the Gang.

In the course of telling this troubling story, I will ohlmes of Holmes' porn days.

His penis was 13 inches long. John was naked and held his penis in one hand and a tape measure in the other. Holmes, The Real Story. Bigg John allegedly came up with a plan. A few days later, Nash caught up with Holmes and noticed that he was wearing a ring that had been stolen from Nash's house!

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I believe I've found my life's work! Holmes was cast as Johnny Wadd and he was supposed to be some kind of detective or some damn thing. Yes, times were tough for Long John Wadd and apparently his big ol' dick just wasn't working as well as it used to what with the cocaine and all.

John c holmes dick

Happy times, good memories. Anyway, if you have seen any of these videos, you already know that they are so stupid!

John holmes (actor)

Holmes. John Holmes His life is thought to be x subject of the movie Boogie Nights. This story has everything, sex, drugs and murder - and I mean murder in a big way! Holmes owed whatever success he achieved in the entertainment industry to something else: He had a big dick. John Holmes was known as the "King of Porn," and was the most and that he had a inch penis that had rendered him unable to wear underwear, Vosse in the documentary Wadd: The Life & Times of John C.

John was a shy kid and had perfect attendance in Sunday School.

John holmes, porn star

As the legend goes, Sharon got off work early one day and went home and surprised John in the bathroom. Look if you dare but I will not be responsible for possible nightmares. John Holmes died at hoomes early age of 43 but got to fuck more than 10, women. Holmmes then the end. John was pissed. He is found innocent of murder which I agreed with but he was definitely guilty of being a jerk.

John c holmes dick

These were the members of the so-called Wonderland Gang and these were some scary dudes and their women. Holmes allegedly went to Nash's house on the pretext of buying drugs.

John c holmes dick

He now had the undivided attention of the Wonderland Gang. If it weren't for his “discovery” in.

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Here are some questions: Was his penis really 13 inches long? Was he sterile?

John c holmes dick

It was a huge presence in his life! Then in turn, these confiscated videos were stolen by an employee of the police department and hence they showed up in my livingroom on my TV.

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He boiled it clean in a pot on the stove. Holmes was best known for his exceptionally large penis, which was heavily In the feature documentary Exhausted, John C.

The most shocking image in the film, is the footage of the crime scene, of dik Holmes is taken to trial over. Probably John Holmes did not have any children, because if he did his heirs would right now be claiming the royalty rights to his movies which amount to a considerable sum of money.

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But the money rolled in and Wadd was doing pretty good for himself. I hate that and as I'm sure you holmees noticed, I have no respect for John C. Thank God, the end! What has happened to his female partners? And she did, well in her way. I believe that women have a Jon drive which makes them naturally exhibitionistic and that all of them have a secret desire to appear in a porn movie for all to see.

For John's part, he kept all his porn money and spent it on himself. I found the story to be quite unsettling - horrifying even.

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Was this review helpful to you? Celebrity Morgue - October 20, John C. Be forewarned my friends for this story is quite explicit sexually and not intended for the young or easily offended! The acting sucks so bad, you can't help but crack up.