Panty ,en Men For Guys Wearing Panties and Couples Wearing Panties Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Pictures of men wearing panties

None of the pictures contained on this blog are mine. My husband wears panties, and I love it.

Pictures of men wearing panties

She then suggested that I try womens panties. From there we are free to explore. So come on in and enjoy a community for men wearing panties. These are the panties I find most comfortable.

Pictures of men wearing panties

With everything that is going on in the world a man in panties is harmless. Husbands wearing panties is filled with many different areas for you to explore and add to, you can start your own gallery and add pictures of you wearing panties.

Pictures of men wearing panties

We are only talking about an article of clothing here right, but what a powerful difference it can make in peoples minds. Will he suddenly become less of son, friend, or father. So you don't have to feel alone that you are a guy wearing panties anymore, come on in and check out all the pictures, movies, stories and more and meet other men in panties.

It is really amazing at how many men wear panties, A while ago I thought I was the only guy wearing panties, and I know many men wearing panties out there who feel the same way. They're really comfy and fun to wear.

She sets out what panties I am to wear. Though the wearing of panties might not be a "feminine expression", but rather one of a "sexy feel", it's a sexy idea, and makes you wonder whats wrapped in that package!

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However in spite of the fact that most guys wearing panties are straight, the perception our society has is that a man wearing panties is less masculine than his muscle pantjes counterpart. Colors, styles, fabrics and they wonder why men wear there panties! Sometimes i like to feel as if my women is in control and the dominant one.

What type of guys wear panties? For some men, the thought of telling a girlfriend or wife that they like to wear panties is too much. I really do not care if the women do not like it becasue there is a women out there who will and she is the women who will take your panty husband from you.

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I am married and my wifes knows I wear them, and she loves it as well. I was was red faced I know. I also am more sensual and in touch with my feminine side. Me and my wife is able to communicate and listen to each other. She pretty quickly found out about my love of panties and other lingerie and she accepts it, there are great woman out there who will accept you, don't give up.

Men wearing panties – a popular community

I wear thongs and g-strings under my every day clothes because they give me confidence and mrn me feel sexy. In fact only men who try to hide their panties wearing are ever caught, because men who don't hide it are never really caught. Anyway we both enjoy wearing panties very much. jacboard.xyz › heiressunderlan › mens-panties. Why should she be the only one who is comfortable and sexy at home?

And here you were thinking that you were the only guy wearing panties, more and more men wear panties, and thanks to sites like this its becoming more nen more part of the norm for men wearing panties. They're especially supportive when I'm wearing my chastity weafing. Do woman like men wearing panties? When I admitted they were mine and that I loved to wear panties, it was not an easy time.

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Having said that, when the light is getting low in the evening I sometimes walk the dogs with a camisole or bra on under my white tee shirt, it would be pretty obvious if someone walked up to me. I wear nightgowns, long and short along with long and short robes. I've worn panties fo I was maybe 14 or It got around the office later that I was getting a divorce and the lady ask if it was true and I told her yes.

Sometimes, a man just likes the Pictires of panties, lingerie, pantyhose or bras, or any one of the huge selection of lingerie that lingerie stores carry, but still in this day and age, men buying panties for themselves and men wearing panties is not completely accepted and most guys wearing panties and buying panties wear panties in secret. I just wish I could find a woman who wouldn't have a major meltdown while seeing me wearing panties.

We both usually wear only panties around our home when we are alone most of the timeso we both wear what is comfortable.

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I wear panties because the fabric makes me feel sensual and sexy. I sometimes even wear her stockings and lingerie. There is the fear of rejection, the real possibility of divorce, and even the specter of social ridicule and if their 'secret' gets out.

Pictures of men wearing panties

If you aren't 18 years old or cannot. NSFW Mid forties man who is turned on by seeing men wear panties.

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The freedom to apnties whatever one feels the best in? I just like silky panties like a nylon, silk, or satin panties because feel so soft in my skin, also I love panties with sexy ruffled. I don't own any male underwear. I think you get the point, and you will be amazed at the of pictures and movies that have been posted here.

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It comes down to open and honest communication and you will learn many many things by reading how others have told there wife or girlfriend and also by chatting with husband wearing panties, boyfriend wearing panties and couple wearing panties. Women can wear boxers but why can't men wear panties?

We had dinner and she said she wanted to go to the mall for shopping,we went to macy's lingerie section and she bought 2 panties and 2 bras. She cant wait to go to bed with them on. But thats why I created husbands wearing panties, a place where guys wearing panties can come and enjoy a panty wearing community, interact with other men wearing panties, read stories from guys in panties and from couple wearing panties.

They look nicer.